Company's Strength

Why trust us

Despite having reached a high production capacity, Italtergi has maintained those characteristics that have always distinguished themselves and which make this company be the ideal partner for every need:

  • Careful search for raw materials
  • Flexibility in design and production
  • Research on quality at every stage of processing
  • Customer service
  • Speed in the preparation of samples


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Wiping system

ITALTERGI develops and manufactures a wide range of complete wiping systems (12V or 24V), designed specifically for the customer and used by leading manufacturers of industrial and commercial vehicles. On this page you can find some examples of wiping patterns developed and produced by Italtergi. We provide customized solutions to each windshield and application. Please contact us to request a technical and economic proposal.

Traditional with 3 arm

Traditional with 2 arms

Customized wiping


Panoramic wiping

Single arm 180°

Single arm

Double pantograph wiper arm

Our products


The wide range of our products consists of wiper motors from 12 to 120 Nm of starting torque, mechanisms with a wide range of wiper angles, different models of wiper arms and blades from 230 mm to 1300 mm. For more technical details, see the different sections.






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